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    <p><strong>Substrates for cultivation.</strong></p> <p>All in substrates for cultivation. Rock wool, coconut fibre and the best Atami substrates. Take care of your plants with the best substrates and products for cultivation. Visit our</p>


    <p>In this section you will find the best marijuana fertilizers. At you will find the biggest variety of brands in fertilizers for your marijuana plants.</p>


    <p>Pots and trays for cultivation. Discover these pots and trays for growing marijuana. At Grow Shop New World we offer you pots and trays for growing. Enjoy a very wide catalogue with perfect prices for beginners and for those already initiated.</p>


    <p>Parameter measurement instruments. To keep a close control of all the values of your it is necessary to use various parameter measurement instruments that will help you to get the most out of it and keep track of it at all times. PH and EC meters, PH and EC controllers, environmental meters, CO2 meters etc...</p>


    <p>Irrigation accessories. Find any watering accessory in this section. Everything you need for your crop to develop in the best way and acquire all the nutrients that water provides without worrying about anything. Set up your own irrigation with these accessories that we offer in our online shop</p>


    <p>In this section of our online grow shop: you will find tools and accessories of all kinds to pamper your crop. Place your order quickly and safely, buy all the tools and accessories designed for your crop for a unique price.</p>


    <p>Treatments for odors where we find effective treatments for odors such as filters and ozonators of the most recognized brands for indoor cultivation. Know endless options for the treatment of odors in this section of our store The treatments of odors, or rather of anti-odors, are responsible or seek to neutralize and / or eliminate such notorious odors from our crops, since these can betray our crop, which puts it in danger, either of possible thieves, or other individuals who oppose this type of plantations and may be on the lookout to do the impossible to end our plantation, but don't worry, we have multiple resources.The odors that our plantation gives off also depend mostly on the variety we have planted, since there are those that produce intense odors and other more discreet fragrance varieties. Different methods to eliminate odors in marijuana crops There are multiple ways to treat or deal with the aromas of our plantation, such as through anti-odor filters, ozonators, odor neutralizers and air fresheners among others. Anti-odor filters are carbon filters, which are responsible for cleaning our air from all kinds of odors, both bad and delatante. We will find all kinds of carbon filters with different functions, shapes and characteristics. We will find longer filters, with thinner carbon layers and shorter carbon filters with thicker carbon layers, all in different proportions with the sole objective of looking for the longest duration of the particle in enough time between its walls to make possible the neutralization of it. These filters also have a membrane that protects them from dirt and dust, in order to extend their useful life as much as possible. Another type of method to treat odors are neutralizers, which are small devices, devices or products, which are responsible for eliminating or neutralizing our most distinguished odors, such as gels, which come in different sizes and formats, and are normally used in small spaces or rooms,where different natural fragrances are released through these, such as the aroma of pine, lemon, and different neutral odors that hide aggressive odors or neutralize and destroy them leaving another aroma in substitution. They are easy to use and can be put almost anywhere and usually economical, but only recommended for a few square meters. We are showing you different possibilities to end the smell, but a highly recommended method for us would be to eliminate odors through an ozonator. Its operation is to generate ozone molecules (O3) through light bulbs or plates that, after a reaction, produce this molecule, which through oxidation is responsible for oxidizing the other particles and thus be able to destroy both viruses, fungi and fungi and bacteria. Keep in mind that this treatment should not be applied near the plant, since it can oxidize the resin and therefore cause the fragrance of this to decrease, and in turn you also have to calculate the distance of the tube at the time of its exit to the outside since, depending on the length of the tube, the stay of the particle that we want to eliminate will depend, since, the further away, the more time we have to destroy the particle.Among these, which we have just named and are usually the most effective and used methods, we can also find others quite useful such as anti-odor sprays, which neutralize the aromas by replacing them with others of more common and quite pleasant as citrus odors, peppermint or mint. These spray's usually apply twice a day and the amount will always be related to the dimensions of your room, and they will give you a pleasant fresh aroma and the discretion you need for your cultivation.</p>


    <p><strong>Lighting for indoor cultivation.</strong></p> <p><strong></strong> Lighting accessories and appliances for indoor cultivation. Ballasts, kits, lamps, reflectors, bulbs etc... All the indispensable to provide light to your plants you will find it in</p>


    <p><strong>Accessories and climate control devices for indoor cultivation.</strong></p> <p><strong></strong> Try out the latest climate control systems for indoor growing. We have all the necessary equipment and accessories for a fantastic price. Ventilation, CO2, extractors, humidifiers, regulators etc... Visit Grow Shop New World.</p>


    <p><strong>Products for biological control</strong></p> <p>In our online grow shop we have a large selection of products for the biological control of your crop: insecticides, anti-pests and fungicides to avoid possible damage caused by these agents.</p>




    <p>Insects and fungi can become real enemies for our crops and crops, so on certain occasions we will be forced to use insecticides for marijuana plants and fungicides for cannabis, to be able to fight both indoor and outdoor cultivation. We will find different ways to fight against these enemies, as such can become; chemical pesticides for outdoors, chemical pesticides for indoors, organic pesticides for both outdoor and indoor. We will also find natural insecticides and fungicides such as Neem oil with which insects repel the plant through the smell that is released. The first and most important thing is to detect what we are facing and then analyze what is the best way to fight and that is the least harmful to our harvest and with the consequent for our pocket. The most common insects and fungi that we can find are; the spider mite, thrips, whitefly, cochineal, caterpillars, aphids, powdery mildew among others. Among the insecticides and fungicides we can also distinguish them by their way of acting, some will act by direct contact or called the shock effect, which are necessary to obtain an immediate effect fighting against the insect or fungus, forcing the enemy to retreat or ending it. A perfect example would be when we use to combat other insects, which is known as biological fighting, this technique is used against the spider mite, in which are used predatory mites that will end the pest. The other way to act would be through systemic methods, that is, they are used to end the pest and also provide added benefits that will extend over time in your plant and in your crop. An example would be SIPCAM's Epik product which fights whitefly and aphids. Insecticides and fungicides recommended for cannabis We will find at our disposal a wide market of fungicides and insecticides, do not worry, we indicate, the best brands and the most outstanding and used products among growers. SPIDEX or SIPCAL will be a perfect biological fight against the spider mite, these predatory mites will kill your spiders. CLEAN LIGHT HOBBY UNIT is perfect to eliminate fungi without using chemical pesticides, thanks to its wavelength, and always respecting the environment. An effective product against the miner would be the MIGLYPHUS 500, which thanks to a parasitic wasp we will eliminate this pest. Against the whitefly we can use the previously named EPIK of SIPCAM, as a systemic method or as a direct method we can use EN-STRIP that will use a parasitic wasp to kill the larvae of whitefly. To kill the soil fly we can use STEINERNEMA 50 MILL, another biological fighting system that will end up disintegrating the lavas of the soil fly. In order to finish with the aphids, we can also use EPIK from SIPCAM, or APHIPAR 500, another method that uses a parasitic wasp that will kill the larvae of the aphids. Against thrips, a fairly common enemy in our crops we can fight with ORIUS LAEVIGATUS 500, which uses a predatory insect to end all thrips. The important thing is to end the different pests, without harming our plants always ending them as soon as possible and always with reliable products, which always look for our harvest.</p>


    <p>In your grow kit you will find the formula that best suits you to start growing in the easiest, simplest and independent way. All indoor grow kits contain fabric cabinets of maximum reflectivity, capable of retaining all the light supplied by your bulb and not letting it escape, in order to have the maximum possible lighting for your plants. From here you can choose the elements that you consider necessary for your self-cultivation. First we will have to choose if we want a wardrobe with a section or two sections and of what measure, then the lighting kits where you can choose the type of ballast, either electronic or magnetic, the reflectors that best suit you, such as stuco reflectors, azerwing or super adjust, the type of bulb, such as LEC bulbs, halide or sodium bulbs of low or high pressure of the watts that are required and adapters if necessary. Also you can equip your marijuana growing kit with its corresponding extractor, usually 125mm or 100mm, pots of different capacity, bulk seeds to choose from all our options, labels to differentiate or distinguish the different varieties that you plant within your crop, clamp fan for proper ventilation, timer to distribute the hours of light and off depending on the stage or light characteristics of your plants, thermometer or thermohygrometer to control temperature and humidity of your room, pulley sets, to correct the height of the focus as your plants grow, clamps, filter, also essential for the climate and odors, soundproof tube, and even jiffy's to put your cuttings and if we have opted for a cultivation kit with double section we will also have a greenhouse, scalpel, scissors and a small bottle of ichlon. An indoor growing kit is the best way to start growing without having to worry about all the basic elements, we will only have to put the soil and fertilizers, where you can also find simple tables and kits to get started in the world of horticulture without any problem, and if you need advice or any questions you can always contact us, and you can start in the fastest and easiest way with your kit with wardrobe indoor cultivation, complete and cheap.</p>




    <p>Buy marijuana seeds If you are thinking of buying marijuana seeds, we have over 4000 varieties available to meet all your needs. We offer you the best prices both in bulk and in your preferred marijuana seed banks. When buying seeds you will find a wide range of possibilities and prices, which can make it difficult to buy them, we will help you at all times in the purchase of marijuana seeds to advise you on everything necessary to facilitate both their purchase, and their development, always according to your needs. In growshop New World you can buy your marijuana seeds at the best price in the market, without comparison with our competitors, with the quality, security and certainty that offers growshop New World. Types of marijuana seeds We fear all the types of marijuana seeds you need, which you can find both in bulk and in your favorite banks, at the best price on the market. You can choose between your regular seeds, which are bred from a male and a female plant, which can produce both males and females, for your different needs or preferences. In other words, they are wild seeds, not genetically modified. We also have CBD seeds which have a very high level or percentage of CBD and a low level of THC, especially used as a medicinal supplement, to help in therapies, treatments and diseases, ideal also for consumers with low tolerance. Auto-flowering seeds are the ideal and simplest type of seeds to germinate your crops, remembering that auto-flowering seeds start the flowering phase by themselves regardless of the hours of light you receive, thus collecting the much appreciated harvest. You can also find hemp seeds in our varieties. Without any doubt we offer you the biggest selection of feminized seeds, these guarantee you always that all your plants will be females, so you don't have to worry anymore about the pollinations and other adverse events that worry your end in your plantation. This guarantees stability, security and confidence in your harvest plan. Marijuana seed banks We have the best marijuana seed banks at your disposal. We help you to grow high quality seeds of all types of marijuana seeds, from regular, feminized, auto-flowering, CBD seeds, and hemp seeds. We have the most demanded banks like; Dinafem, Dna genetics, advanced seeds, Cannabiogen, medical seeds, Royal Queen Seeds, 00Seeds, Sweed Seeds, Delicious Seeds and many more varieties of banks. You can also get a wide range of cheap marijuana seed varieties, with a quality and production at the same level as other cannabis seeds offered by the most important marijuana seed banks. Cannabis seed banks will bring to your crop all the work in genetic research, with which you will be guaranteed high germination rates, stability and better health for your plants. All this verified by expert growers and pioneers in continuing to create and develop the best varieties and we offer you all the confidence in growshop New World. How to choose a marihuana seed We will help and advise you on everything you need to know to guide you in choosing a marijuana seed. First you must be clear about your objectives and needs in order to make the right choice. In the first steps you should choose the type of cultivation you want to do, either indoors, which you can grow all year round (unless they are exposed to a lot of heat, such as in summer), or outdoors, within the germination schedule. Other factors to choose, are the type or species of seed, independently of the bank, they can be sativa, but spiked and high, typical in Asia, Africa or America, they are characterized by being of great and resistant roots, of the sativas it derives the useful hemp by his resistant fibers and practical for the textile sector. They can also be seeds of indica marihuana, the most used in indoor crops, with faster growth cycles, more resistance to pests, with useful properties in medicine, and with respect to the physiognomy they are plants that grow in less height, with a wider character and consist of an intense green colour. The third type is the Ruderalis marihuana seeds, which are considered inferior in quality but which grow very quickly. These are responsible for the appearance of the autoflowering seeds through genetic crosses. You can always rest assured that we will help you choose a marihuana seed that best suits your needs and preferences, the best deal only in New World growshop.</p>
  • Productos CBD

    Productos CBD

    <p>CBD is used and we will find it in different forms depending on the need we need to cover, either the nutrition and hydration of our skin, aromatize an environment to create an atmosphere of relaxation, or be able to taste the aroma and flavor of conventional marijuana at the same time enjoying a relaxing effect on your body, no psychoactive effects. These products with CBD or cannabidiol are possible thanks to the extract of cannabis sativa plants, and not contain a percentage higher than 0.2% of THC which is where the legal limit for its sale and distribution is located, which guarantees the absence of psychoactive symptoms in all products. We will be able to distinguish products rich in CBD and products enriched with CBD, the first made from cannabis, usually made from seeds and the second contain CBD purified and/or diluted in oils or other formats. You can find CBD flowers, CBD oils and creams with CBD-rich extracts. If you are interested you can also see our catalog of cbd seeds.</p>
  • Cosecha y Secado

    Cosecha y Secado







    <p>Grow cabinets are the ideal option if you want to get off to a good start in the world of horticulture. The indoor grow cabinet, will recreate the ideal microclimate for the growth of your plants, you can find from mini grow cabinets, to large grow cabinets, including indoor grow cabinets complete kit. Thanks to its walls made with reflective material you will not lose any ray of light, so you will get an optimal performance of light and savings on your bill. Covering in turn all the lighting needs of your plantation, for a correct absorption of the nutrients necessary for its development, as well as an excellent photosynthesis. In our category cabinets you will find all kinds of indoor grow cabinets, either from a basic format, or a 2 in 1 grow cabinet of different dimensions, where you can separate the different stages of your plants and seeds, depending on which ones they are your needs. Everything is already prepared for easy installation, as well as the air outlets and inlets, where to place the lighting, hermetic closures to have a constant temperature and all accompanied by a rigid structure and easy to assemble and disassemble. We leave you the article of how to assemble a grow cabinet. You can always complete your cabinets with different items or components that you need, since the combinations are varied and you will be surprised by the performance that they offer you even looking like a small space, but at the same time you can have all the factors of growth and performance of your plants and cuttings in your hand. If you are thinking of buying a grow cabinet, we offer you cabinets from trusted brands such as Lion Box, and Dark Box, 100% endorsed and recommended by us, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We have lighting items such as the cheap lec 315w kit. Which grow cabinet to buy? Every grower looking for a cheap, quality grow cabinet is in the right place, since we have all the sizes and functions you are looking for for your plants. We have Dark Box cabinets, known in the market for their great reliability. They are cabinets for high quality crops at a more than competitive price. The Dark Box cabinets pass all the controls in their manufacturing process, respecting in turn strict factory specifications. You can choose from cabinets 60x60x140cm to cabinets of more capacity of 290x290x200cm for more adventurous growers. We also have cabinets trusted by Lion Box, which offer us an indisputable quality by making available cheap complete grow cabinets. If you are looking for a marijuana grow cabinet is also available in all sizes from 120x120x200cm, 2 in 1 cabinets, to separate according to your stages and needs, in different dimensions and all with the best assessment of those who have already tried it. If you want to find a grow cabinet on offer, we help you choose which grow cabinet to buy, also putting at your disposal indoor grow cabinets complete kit, with everything you need to start without complications. Including fans, temperature and humidity meters, light bulbs, seeds, pots, tubes, extractors, pulleys, ballasts, jiffy's, iclone, greenhouses, or everything you can think of necessary, since we have multiple combinations, at an unthinkable price for a grow cabinet kit, so you know which grow cabinet to buy, because the best offer, quality and price, is in Growshop New World.</p>


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