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In your grow kit you will find the formula that best suits you to start growing in the easiest, simplest and independent way. All indoor grow kits contain fabric cabinets of maximum reflectivity, capable of retaining all the light supplied by your bulb and not letting it escape, in order to have the maximum possible lighting for your plants. From here you can choose the elements that you consider necessary for your self-cultivation. First we will have to choose if we want a wardrobe with a section or two sections and of what measure, then the lighting kits where you can choose the type of ballast, either electronic or magnetic, the reflectors that best suit you, such as stuco reflectors, azerwing or super adjust, the type of bulb, such as LEC bulbs, halide or sodium bulbs of low or high pressure of the watts that are required and adapters if necessary. Also you can equip your marijuana growing kit with its corresponding extractor, usually 125mm or 100mm, pots of different capacity, bulk seeds to choose from all our options, labels to differentiate or distinguish the different varieties that you plant within your crop, clamp fan for proper ventilation, timer to distribute the hours of light and off depending on the stage or light characteristics of your plants, thermometer or thermohygrometer to control temperature and humidity of your room, pulley sets, to correct the height of the focus as your plants grow, clamps, filter, also essential for the climate and odors, soundproof tube, and even jiffy's to put your cuttings and if we have opted for a cultivation kit with double section we will also have a greenhouse, scalpel, scissors and a small bottle of ichlon. An indoor growing kit is the best way to start growing without having to worry about all the basic elements, we will only have to put the soil and fertilizers, where you can also find simple tables and kits to get started in the world of horticulture without any problem, and if you need advice or any questions you can always contact us, and you can start in the fastest and easiest way with your kit with wardrobe indoor cultivation, complete and cheap.


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