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Autoflowering seeds or also called automatic, make growing much easier and we will tell you why. Auto seeds can start flowering without the need to rely on light hours or cycles, making it self-contained and easier for novice growers.

These autoflowering seeds are possible thanks to the union of sativa and indica seeds in conjunction with ruderalis. The ruderalis come from somewhat hostile and cold climates from Russia or neighboring countries of the old USSR. These plants lived in areas where there were fewer hours of light and it was of lower intensity. But what got them to notice them above all was their speed of growth and set-up to start flowering in a very short time and all this without having photodependence. From here will be born the first auto seed, the Lowryder, a legend in the world of cannabis, created by Mr. Joint Doctor, making crosses between Canadian and European varieties, ending up getting a cross between the Northen Light #2, a ruderalis and the William'sWonder. Thus began the history of a variety resistant to diseases and pests, but, although short, good productions are currently being achieved and they are ideal for smokers who are not looking for an abusive effect, since their THC percentage is lower than normal, which makes more manageable and in-control highs for beginner smokers.

You will be able to choose which is your favorite terrain since you can plant them as outdoor autoflowering seeds or indoor autoflowering seeds, and in both cases we offer you the best autoflowering seeds and the most productive autoflowering seeds.

Buy the most productive autoflowering seeds

Autoflowering seeds planted outdoors can offer you a quality result, in a short period of time and a considerable size considering its genetics. You can get up to two harvests, meanwhile at the neighbor's house, with some feminized seeds following the usual cycle of the season, he has only achieved one harvest. This has prompted many growers and smokers to opt for these varieties that allow you a better and more continuous supply of product, and makes the possibility of running out of weed less. Apart from being more resistant to health by themselves, the fact that their life cycle is shorter reduces the chances of falling during the plague season, if you have organized everything correctly. In temperate climates where it does not drop below 10 degrees Celsius at any time of the year, it is possible to plant 365 days a year. So you can get outdoor autoflowering seeds with maximum production.

The use of autoflowering seeds indoors is also feasible, since we continue to save time when harvesting, but always bearing in mind that 10 days before we have to wash the roots, and we recommend a well-aerated substrate to let it grow well. the roots, taking these steps into account, we will have a productive harvest of optimal value.

Another aspect of cheap autoflowering seeds are XXL autoflowering seeds, which will grow more in size, you will obtain higher yields compared to normal autos, in the same period of time, but its use outdoors is recommended, in order to make the most of it. your performance.

If you are thinking of buying autoflowering seeds, growshop New World is your trusted site, where you will find the best prices, in the leading brands, with our best advice.

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