Treatments for odors where we find effective treatments for odors such as filters and ozonators of the most recognized brands for indoor cultivation. Know endless options for the treatment of odors in this section of our store www.growshopnewworld.com The treatments of odors, or rather of anti-odors, are responsible or seek to neutralize and / or eliminate such notorious odors from our crops, since these can betray our crop, which puts it in danger, either of possible thieves, or other individuals who oppose this type of plantations and may be on the lookout to do the impossible to end our plantation, but don't worry, we have multiple resources.The odors that our plantation gives off also depend mostly on the variety we have planted, since there are those that produce intense odors and other more discreet fragrance varieties. Different methods to eliminate odors in marijuana crops There are multiple ways to treat or deal with the aromas of our plantation, such as through anti-odor filters, ozonators, odor neutralizers and air fresheners among others. Anti-odor filters are carbon filters, which are responsible for cleaning our air from all kinds of odors, both bad and delatante. We will find all kinds of carbon filters with different functions, shapes and characteristics. We will find longer filters, with thinner carbon layers and shorter carbon filters with thicker carbon layers, all in different proportions with the sole objective of looking for the longest duration of the particle in enough time between its walls to make possible the neutralization of it. These filters also have a membrane that protects them from dirt and dust, in order to extend their useful life as much as possible. Another type of method to treat odors are neutralizers, which are small devices, devices or products, which are responsible for eliminating or neutralizing our most distinguished odors, such as gels, which come in different sizes and formats, and are normally used in small spaces or rooms,where different natural fragrances are released through these, such as the aroma of pine, lemon, and different neutral odors that hide aggressive odors or neutralize and destroy them leaving another aroma in substitution. They are easy to use and can be put almost anywhere and usually economical, but only recommended for a few square meters. We are showing you different possibilities to end the smell, but a highly recommended method for us would be to eliminate odors through an ozonator. Its operation is to generate ozone molecules (O3) through light bulbs or plates that, after a reaction, produce this molecule, which through oxidation is responsible for oxidizing the other particles and thus be able to destroy both viruses, fungi and fungi and bacteria. Keep in mind that this treatment should not be applied near the plant, since it can oxidize the resin and therefore cause the fragrance of this to decrease, and in turn you also have to calculate the distance of the tube at the time of its exit to the outside since, depending on the length of the tube, the stay of the particle that we want to eliminate will depend, since, the further away, the more time we have to destroy the particle.Among these, which we have just named and are usually the most effective and used methods, we can also find others quite useful such as anti-odor sprays, which neutralize the aromas by replacing them with others of more common and quite pleasant as citrus odors, peppermint or mint. These spray's usually apply twice a day and the amount will always be related to the dimensions of your room, and they will give you a pleasant fresh aroma and the discretion you need for your cultivation.


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