Feminized marijuana seeds are one of the safest bets to obtain female plants in your cultivation. For years, growers and experts in the field have sought to multiply the number of female seeds to the maximum, since they contain a psychoactive level much higher than male seeds or plants.

This achievement will allow growers, guaranteed results; more meters to be able to produce a greater quantity, since we do not depend on the male plants and above all we will gain time and possibly economically speaking.

The beginning of this wonderful advance begins in the 90s. It began by selecting female plants capable of withstanding a lot of stress, these plants were less likely to develop hermaphrodism, with the consequent, in the following generations. Then they proceeded to make a clone of these and proceeded to genetically change the plant so that it manifested itself as a male plant, so in this way the latter could be taken to pollinate normal females and therefore their offspring would always be female in more than 90% of the cases, since their chromosomes will be decisive in both cases for them to be females, with the genetic difference of one, as long as they can pollinate.

Currently, silver thiosulfate is used to reduce hermaphrodism in crops, thus reducing the production of ethylene, its effect lasts for days, so it is advisable to spray every 5 days, it is done before starting the night cycle of the plants for a couple of weeks, and in this way it will always be possible to maintain a low level of ethylene in the plants.

Why should we buy feminized cannabis seeds?

Feminized seeds can be used in different soils and every day more, different banks offer better prices as competition increases, we have cheap and productive feminized seeds, we also have automatic feminized seeds, feminized seeds for outdoors and above all, seeds are sought of interior feminized with the maximum production and we have the best offer and much more.

We have the most renowned banks to buy feminized marijuana seeds, in order to ensure in the safest way a crop without male plants, which in turn harm the amount of THC in your harvest, apart from pollination. The productions are generous, but it is always worth remembering that a regular non-genetically modified seed will always give you a plus in the final result, but without ensuring its sex.

Advantages of exterior and interior feminized seeds

There is no need to select males and waste time.

Good production (Nothing to envy to other types of seeds).

Intensive cultivation can be carried out.

Cuttings are made faster.

In short, at grow shop New World we have the best seed banks at a price without comparison with all the confidence of premium brands on your trusted site.


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